Miss Demeanour

A short Biography by Miss Demeanour

Hardcore gave me the mixing buzz!

By 1994 I was chomping at the bit to get a chance to play the tunes I believed would rip on a loud sound system.

Stomping Choons gave me and my DJ partner at the time the kick start we needed, after having produced two tracks “Cained & Able” & “Burn this Joint!”

Whilst there were many good times, the highlights for me during the mid-late 90’s were our frequent plays at Labrynth, Dalston Lane (you can catch an old skool house set from me at Labrynth, Brixton Jamm 28th July)

By 96’, when the hardcore scene became rather fast & happy, I moved over to the hard house scene (Twice as Nice) where Sunnyside Up & Strawberry Sundae were my DJing haunts.

Highlights of that era had to be playing along- side Darren Pearce & Tony Devit-Tony-a total legend & in my opinion-the best DJ to ever grace the wheels of steel.


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