MassMatiks are an Indie-Rock quartet with distinct British tones. They have worked hard to achieve their boastingly unique sound since their formation in October 2010, drawing inspiration from Math Rock, Indie and Acoustic genres and creating their energetic, up and coming sound.

George Peploe (Lead Vocals and Guitar) draws inspiration from his youthful experiences, enabling the band to create a genuine song whilst still encompassing ‘catchy riffs, quickly picked-up lyrics and exciting dynamic instrumentation’. The band are already renowned for their captivating stage presence and connection with an audience when performing, promising a truly memorable gig.

The band’s debut single, ‘I Can’t Recall’ was released in December 2011 as a free download. The song embraced its lively and exciting roots of drunken euphoria, whilst maintaining the band’s honest sound. They are currently working on their EP, which is scheduled for release in late 2012, and promises to showcase true determination to be something different in this industry.


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