Lillygreen & Maguire

It’s a tale of two Jons. (Jon) Lilygreen bubbles with energy, cracks big, boisterous jokes and is as welcoming as they come.

(Jon) Maguire is a little more reserved, a little more analytical and can crack a zinger of a subtle pun that matches those of his pal. Together, their differences combine to create something more than the sum of their parts: 60% Simon and Garfunkel, 40% Mitchell and Webb.

These two young veterans of the Newport music scene are, as they explain contradictorily, serious about their music… but not that serious… no, seriously serious… wait. “We’ve always had something in music – be it writing, playing, producing or recording – and we’ve liked that music’s been the centre of our world,” says Lilygreen as they settle upon their point. “If I was taking music seriously and thinking about it as a realistic prospect  for the rest of my life, I would’ve thought, I’m struggling on £150 a month, kipping on a mate’s sofa and struggling to pay the rent on the studio,” adds Maguire. Debate the subject matter, it feels as if the pair are about to play wrestle their way around the hotel bar in which they’re seated. They’re lovely guys with energy to burn.


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