Diversion Tactics

Diversion Tactics was created in 1998 from former members of early 90s crew CentaPunch Countapoint/ The Last Bwoy Soutz - Jazz T, Barron ACJ,Squeaky da Rixter, (B-boy) The Chubby Alcoholicand DJ and producer extraordinaire, Zygote. 

Based in Surrey the crew has come through alongside artists Mark BKam & Tom (Beyond There), DJ RandomCause 4 Concern and SLR (Dashy D and Q-Tips). After several members went their separate ways the group now consists of 4:

The Chubby Alcoholic, Squeaky Da Rixter: AKA Squeaky Clean, Zygote and Jazz T

DT have toured and worked in the studio with a growing number of well respected artists and are renowned for their ill live shows, combing sick flows with live juggling and soon to come Chubby breaking! They continue to make noise regardless of the state of the British music industry and host a weekly show on Kane FM (UK).


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