Cher Lloyd

X Factor sensation CHER LLOYD will appear on the Main Stage on the afternoon of Saturday 14th July.

Easily one of the most talked about people of the show, Cher is a name on the lips of music lovers throughout the country.   To date, her version of “Swag” has had over 50 million views on Youtube, and with over 600,000 followers on Twitter, around 100 million views on Youtube, the cover of RWD magazine and features in fashion bible Wonderland, Cher is one of the most recognisable new faces in the public eye.  Despite only being 18, she has already had considerable success in the music industry.  Her first single, “Swagger Jagger” hit the Number 1 spot in  the UK singles chart, and her debut album Sticks and Stones reached Number 4 in the UK albums chart.

It was a fascination with discovering new music that led Cher Lloyd to her career path of choice. Tuning into stations like 1Xtra and Youtube phenomenon SB:TV, the Worcester born singer was instinctively interested in seeking out new sounds. “Because I’m competitive with my music, I wanted to know about new stuff first. I just always wanted to be the one to say to my friends ‘Have you heard this?’ and be the first out of everyone to find new music,” she remembers. After surfing the net for hours checking out blogs, digital radio and Youtube, she stumbled across people doing their own versions of songs, which sparked her own innate interest in performing. Inspired by UK underground acts like JME, Wiley and Bashy as well as established Americans artists like Nicki Minaj, Gwen Stefani, Fergie and Lil Wayne, Cher decided that she wanted to be singer who also rapped and began practicing relentlessly at home in her bedroom.


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