Everyone knows ALVIN STARDUST. The man with the leather glove (and catsuit), the pop icon who shot to fame with a raft of moody hits with impossibly catchy choruses.  

But Alvin is a whole lot more than his pop persona. For starters he was one of the first rockers in the UK, part of the Larry Parnes stable.

He idolised Elvis, toured with Joe Brown, Eden Kane and Billy Fury, amongst others, and turned up at Buddy Holly gigs as a callow youth clutching a £1.50 guitar. Brian Epstein wanted to manage him.

Born Bernard Jewry, he soon became Shane Fenton scoring four big hits in the 60s. For a nanosecond (one single) he was Jo Jo Ellis and then, in 1973, with the help of Pete Shelley and a catchy song of Pete’s called My Coo Ca Choo, Alvin Stardust was born.






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