GuilFest 2011 - Lineup

Stone Foundation

We ( Stone Foundation that is - not The Stone Foundation which we've incorrectly been called on many occasion. That many in fact, we're considering using it. Actually the original plan was to be called (a) Stone Foundation, a bit like (a) Certain Ratio, but thought it would become confusing ) have a new album out - Away from the Grain - nice title I hear you whisper underneath your breath, yes, thought it suited our stance, forever outside looking in. I mis-heard it when dancing with the Italian one night. Plonk sang a line about coming out of the water and away from the rain again......thought the old chap said Grain, must have been the Merlot.

Anyway, I digress. This Away from the Grain long player contains 10 new songs, a more concise affair from the previous offering and one we're quite proud of. Of course we'd like you to hear it otherwise what would be the point of tuning up our (perfect) pitchforks ?

Two of the songs, Tracing Paper and Right Track, feature US Soul singer Nolan Porter famed in Northern Soul circles here in the UK for songs such as Keep on Keepin on and If I could only be sure ( later covered by Paul Weller ). Nolan recorded with the group on his recent visit to England where SF were used as his backing band to play a handful of sell out gigs.

Elsewhere on the recording ex Dexys midnight runner, Paul Speare augments the regular team on Tenor and Baritone Sax.

It was recorded and produced by the band and long term comrade Andy Codling, the photographic artwork was captured by the lens of Jordan Hughes, only 16 summers young and already a magic eye for the Art.

As well as live faves raves Uncomplicated, Let the light, These dreams of you, Get it back,'ll find a hammond instrumental ( dogtooth) written for a fictional movie soundtrack and a trippy psych out claiming to recall the tales of Terrence Rigby.

It mirrors where we are at this present moment in time and of course we will be out and about in support of it's release playing a few shows ( although it's not a show if you understand ) so hope to see some of you real soon in a City, Town, Village or Big Top near you.

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