GuilFest 2011 - Lineup


"Skurvi" by Eagle Spits, p4th-radio dj

If Skurvi were a disorder they would be Hypermania, fast, full on and in your face. Fast paced, catchy, edgy thoughtful punk rock with a damn fine sense of humour but dealing with subjects which need dealing with.

Its no suprise they hail from Brighton. home of Peter and the Test Tube
Baby's and Atilla The Stockbroker, they seem to have inherited the
formers sense of fun and the latters social concern-kinda Rage Against
The Icecream

Skurvi was conceived one glorious night in early 2008 over some cheap
vodka and cider by Liam(Bass) and Jimmy the Jip (Lead Vox) when they
wrote an ad "awful singer and OK bassist looking to start a punk band”
as a means to get free beer and easy birds.
Three years on they have found out that there is no such thing as free

The line up was completed when WIGGLES (Drums) and The Perry-scope(Lead
Guitar) answered the call and we have been dragging the pissed up
punters and empty pints along ever since.

They have built an ever growing live following of ‘Skurverts’ thanks to
infamously riotous shows that breakdown the boundaries between audience
and band, with crowd participation, sing-a-long choruses where an
overall party atmosphere pervades, along with the sweaty smell of hard work.
The music takes the attitude of 70's/ punk/ska with rock and roll and
good times to seal the deal; we call it Drunk, Punk and Roll.

We set out to have a *$%king good laugh and have done exactly that and
will continue to do so. Welcome to SKURVI!

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