GuilFest 2011 - Lineup

Rich Austin

Home to Rich are the cliffs and countryside of Dorset.  He first picked up a guitar at age 19 and played intermittently between university work and socialising.   At 25, he studied guitar at ACM in Guildford which provided him with the skills to play and teach guitar professionally.

 For the next few years, Rich played other people's songs in local bars and pubs.  Then, when he and his housemate commenced a 'write-a-song-a-week-to-avoid-a-£30-fine' contract, his own songwriting blossomed, resulting in numerous completed songs, the first of which was 'Same Time'.

Rich currently teaches guitar, plays in his band Rich Austin and the Maestros, playing weddings and functions.  The superfunky rhythm section; Dan Western (drums), Rory Davidson (bass) create the backdrop for Rich's tasty guitar work and vocals, lending their brilliant playing to his album (due July 2011).

In his spare time, Rich writes heartfelt, honest and humorous lyrics, drawn from dreams and life, creating engaging tunes you'll remember long after the song is done.  His music catches you off guard and his lyrics tell stories of family life, childhood, growing up and relationships.


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