GuilFest 2011 - Lineup

Pure Reason Revolution

Pure Reason Revolution are proof a band can be influenced by ELO, Smashing Pumpkins, Soulwax, Depeche Mode and The Beach Boys all at once, yet make sense of a vision that brings those disparate voices together into a sound that combines electronic dance rhythms, pop hooks and sublime vocal harmonies with huge rock riffs.

Alan McGee released their first single on Poptones, Sony BMG released a mini album and debut album. In
March 2009 they released their second longplayer ‘Amor Vincit Omnia’ on Superball Music, a rockier and more electronic proposition than its predecessor, it was typical of their ability to fuse seemingly paradoxical
ambitions and tastes.

Over the years PRR have ‘stuck to their guns’ and built a formidable live reputation sharing stages alongside the likes of Mew, Porcupine Tree, Secret Machines and Editors. Since November 2006 the band line-up has remained unchanged.

In March-April 2009 their 30 date headline tour covered 12 European countries and during the second half of 2009 they appeared at European festivals alongside The Prodigy and Placebo before starting to record again.

Now their third album “Hammer and Anvil” is released on Oct 18th 2010 in Europe and Chloë says: “When we started we were unaware of what we could achieve as individuals, now we’ve all learned what our strengths and weaknesses are and how to use them.”

A full UK/European tour from mid Nov will soon be announced and live shows begin at Club NME, Koko on Sept 17th and Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms Sept 18th with dates in Germany, France and The Netherlands later in the month.

If Friedrich Nietzsche had a point when he said “That which does not kill us makes us stronger” PRR are proof of that with their third album.

Press Quotes on PRR:

“A jaw-droppingly ambitious feat…updating the legacies of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin with the earthshattering heaviness of modern masters like of the greatest new bands in Britain.” Rocksound. (9/10)

“A more sophisticated blend of barrier breaking ambition and keenly attuned pop sensibility would be hard to find” – Uncut.

“Recalcitrant laptops and punishing Slayer interludes…….We’ve gone ga ga.” - NME.

“Big, timeless and fantastic.” – The Fly.

“Agonisingly now, strange and intriguing.” Luke Lewis – Q

“From Nirvana to The Chemical Brothers and The Beach Boys....their debut sounds like nothing else” – The Independent.

“Pure Reason Revolution present a giddying array of sonic delights...Packed with huge riffs and rich vocal harmonies” Rocksound 8/10

“Pure Reason Revolution merge prog and rock with electronica in ways that not even Muse could possibly have imagined.” – Classic Rock Presents

“It's Depeche Mode who provide the strongest reference point here” – David Stubbs Uncut 4/5

“PRR sound like some mutant offspring of The Chemical Brothers and NIN” – Catherine Yates - Classic Rock Presents (live review)

“In a world of musical conservatism, this lot walk unafraid.” Mark Fernyhough – NME (live review)

“Ballsy and anthemic” - Big Cheese

“It’s a first-date album; a shagging album; an album you’ll fight over when splitting your belongings at the bitter end.” Henry Yates – Classic Rock 8/10

“The most stylishly complete electronica album since Soulwax’s ‘Any Minute Now.” -

“PRR will be the greatest discovery you’ve made in a very long time.” – Fashion Music Style.

“Far and away the most accomplished electronic release of 2009.” (No 2 End of Year List 2009)

“Their finest album yet.” – The Organ

“Their music sounds great on record; live, they are truly monumental. Rating: 4.5/5” – (live review)

“It’s mean, it's aggressive, it's adrenaline-pumping, and it's nothing short of brilliant.” - (No 1 ten favorite songs 2009)

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