GuilFest 2011 - Lineup

I Know Kung Fu

"Old school punk with an early manics twist to boot, singer looks like Russell Brand in negative, and that's no bad thing! Great tracks delivered with wit and spite - a real good kick up the arse!" - James Knight Music Promoter

Hailing from small town Alton, Known Best for nurturing "Metal" Acts, the Punk Outfit "I Know Kung Fu" was born. Drawing musical influence from bands like The Alkaline Trio, Biffy Clyro, GoldFinger, The Clash and Zebrahead, They quickly set about writing their own blend of Punk Rock whilst Mixing in elements of Alternative and Ska. With a raw refreshing sound and powerful stage presence, I Know Kung Fu relentlessly Gigged throughout 2010, Supporting Acts Such as the UK Subs, The Vibrators and The Defiled, Not to mention playing a Handful of Headline Gigs, including The Joiners, The Talking Heads and The Railway. Kicking off 2011 pretty much where they left 2010, Playing Multiple Charity Shows to help aid the disaster in Japan and donating a track from there demo to the album "Punk 4 Japan: Volume 3" This year has already proved Fruitful for the band.

Pulling out all the punches to end 2011 faster, louder, Harder and Stronger than ever before, I Know Kung Fu are currently Booking as many gigs as possible whilst also working on their Debut Mini Album due for release later this year.



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