GuilFest 2011 - Lineup

Doomed From Day One

"Guildford based Progressive Death Metallers' Doomed From Day One make sure that no influence be left behind when it comes to their sound.

Elements of Prog, Melo-death and Hardcore are all mixed into the equation.

In April, 2011 they self-released their debut EP 'The Wasted World',
recorded at The Ranch with Andy Hayball (Assistant Engineer on the
latest Bring Me The Horizon album). The tracks showcase the unique sound
that the band has crafted since its beginnings and have recieved great
reception online, over social network sites and metal blogs such as
'Total Deathcore'.

While only hitting the live circuit a year ago they have already begun
to make their mark on the south UK metal scene, with the mentality to
play anywhere and to anyone who will listen. Summer 2011 hosts some of
the bands biggest shows to date with some of the UK's finest death
metal, including Annotations Of An Autopsy, Ingested, Martyr Defiled and

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