GuilFest 2011 - Lineup

DC Fontana

DC FONTANA's turned-on music shakes hips, plucks heartstrings & defies labelling.

The group’s shooting star is in the ascent after they released their stunning debut album ‘Six Against Eight’ followed by the mind-melting ‘Meshkalina EP’.

The DCs' 'art & soul' has seen them established as one to watch after building a reputation for red-hot live gigs while developing as music-&-film-makers who fire the imagination.

With producer Donald Ross Skinner at the helm (Julian Cope, Salad etc) the group was invited to record in Liverpool by legendary Echo &The Bunnymen guitarist Will Sergeant & came up with a fascinating collection of mesmerising tunes: a sonic stew to turn on critics & the public alike.

High octane horns, Hammond, guitars & crystalline-cool vocals from iconic singer Karla Milton have won the band praise across the globe & their alternative anglicised pop is deep fried in surrealism, decorated by eye-catching short movies.

Sumptuous hooks, swooning melodies & a timeless sound that transcends labelling, DC Fontana's music sucks you in, soothes your soul, sends your senses spinning & then spews you back out again leaving a searing groove that's shredded the dance floor & spray-painted the inside of your cerebral cavity a multi-coloured shade of cool.

Never content to do the obvious they even release their next album sung in French & Italian while unveiling a modern-day, pagan fairytale video for 'Meshkalina.'

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