GuilFest 2011 - Lineup

Cerebral Ballzy

“Their name is Cerebral Ballzy, which is neither big nor clever, and in being neither big nor clever, seems to do quite a good job of defining what one might describe as their essence.”  The Guardian

“Brooklyn’s wildest band” NME

“Cerebral Ballzy are different. Simple. They exist in a space where every day’s a party and the hangover never comes” Guardian

“Cerebral Ballzy are modern day punk kids that don’t try or care. They deserve to be celebrated” ID

“they are exactly where the action is” Time Out

“say hello to your new favourite band” Front

“These Brooklyn boys certainly create a holy racket” Mojo

“This songs about pizza, this song’s about girls, this song’s about skateboarding, this song’s about beer...” Honor Titus

Cerebral Ballzy: five skater punks from Brooklyn with an urgent necessity to eat pizza, drink beer, and play punk rock how it’s supposed to be played... really loud and really, really fast. These kids don’t sound like they’re part of the 80’s hardcore movement, they are part of the 80’s hardcore movement; they just couldn’t be bothered to be born in the 80’s. Despite this, they still got an offer to go on tour with HR from DC’s legendary Bad Brains, but they turned it down cos they wanted to hop across the pond for a UK tour including a date with Odd Future at the Camden Crawl, and most importantly, drink better beer.

Frontman Honor Titus leads the quintet along with bassist Melvin Honore. Crazy Abe hits drums and Jason and Mason complete the line up on guitars. They’re kicking the shit back into the New York punk scene so hard they could probably singlehandedly re-open CBGB’s. As Gavin McInnes said ‘Theses aren’t college kids who think the slums got so much soul, Cerebral Ballzy were born and raised in New Yorks asshole and instead of crying about it, they scream their way through a sprawling mess of 80’s hardcore and punk rock’.

Their debut album was recorded in LA with Joby J Ford, the man behind fellow hardcore enthusiasts Trash Talk. It’s faster than amphetamine-fuelled lightning and proof that for Cerebral Ballzy, the band is a necessity. They’re fulfilling an essential need to vent everyday frustrations of coming from a dank, forgotten corner of a city. They’re an opposing reaction to Brooklyn’s steadily growing ‘preppy’ community. They’re renouncing whatever music trend is ‘hip’ on that particular week (cos it probably won’t be the following week), and making a loud noise drenched in beer and puke that’s demanding your attention. Thing is, they don’t care whether you give it to them, they’re having too much fun to stop anyway.

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