GuilFest 2011 - Lineup

Black Canons

Revelling in raw, melodic rock, Black Canons' music is full of dirty blues licks, big bass hooks, obscenely solid drumming and a grungy ethos that keeps things loud, natural and gloriously free from pretension. Add to that sets of lyrics that actually mean something to both listener and band – as opposed to a flurry of banal pop culture references – and you've got an enticing emerging rock outfit that have already picked up a healthy local following, and deservedly so.

With a healthy disdain for the overly-slick, the manufactured and the self-righteous, Black Canons refuse to take anything in life too seriously, except music. Lucky, then, that all four members are almost unhealthily passionate about it and have the chops and the riffs to back it up, as heard in the infectiously sleazy funk-rock of 'Sexy Dentist', built on a winding, gloriously distorted guitar part and an undeniable heavy groove.

A songwriting process built around hugely enjoyable mammoth jamming sessions and a genuine love of music also ensures that the band feed off of every note, beat and lyric they perform during their live shows, as will anyone wise enough to catch them.

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