GuilFest 2011 - Lineup

Angels Gate

We are Angels Gate, the thrash/hardcore metal band from Godalming, Surrey. We are: Ieuan Horgan(Vocals), Dan Jones(Guitar), Hallam Frogley(Guitar), Dan Saker(Drums), Ben Frankis(Bass).

Formed in late 2009 as a four piece, originally under the name 'God Of Decadence'. It was our combined passion for music and particularly metal that brought us together and lead us to write and record our first demos. Shortly after playing our 1st ever gig in Guildford community centre, we decided as a band that we needed to add more texture to our music in the form of a long haired, bearded guitarist. Now with Hallam Frogley as our 5th member, we changed our name to Angels Gate and recorded the rest of our first demo.

For the last year we have been playing many shows in and around the Guildford area, and have built up a local fan base, as well as playing with some incredible local bands.

We are now professionally recording our 1st EP at signature studios and should be able to release it by the summer of 2011. Now we are looking to expand and play as many shows in as many different places as possible, as well as taking every opportunity to play at big events such as festivals.

We are on a mission to spread our music as far and as wide as possible and to develop and progress our music as much as anyone humanly can.

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