GuilFest 2011 - Lineup

Accident Gallery

Formed in February 2010, Accident Gallery began with a view to make simple hardcore punk music and have never looked back. Gigging regularly throughout the South East of england and steadily garnering a loyal following, Accident Gallery's no thrills approach to live performance coupled with a unique blend of speedy riffs and ferocious breakdowns has endeared them to each venue that has put them on stage. Every show is another opportunity for this band to outdo their last, and Guilfest is their biggest show to date. Guaranteed to be one of the most energetic, entertaining bands of the entire weekend, this band will be making waves throughout the UK for a long time. Get involved and bring your moshing shoes, this one will be hectic.

'You never know when you are going to stumble onto a winner. In my book, these guys were winners, writ large - an incredible hard-core band. The music was fast and aggressive and the crowd gleefully joined in. I will definitely be tracking down these guys again for more shows." Neil Duncan, IssuePUNKzine, review of Accident galleries recent show at the Bang Bar.



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