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18 Jul 2010

Tinie Tempah

The Funky End tent had vastly different crowd levels throughout the weekend. However half an hour before Tinie Tempah was due on stage the crowds started flooding into the tent, in anticipation for the rising star of British Grime/pop/Hip-Hop. By ten minutes before he was due on stage the area was full and security had to stop people entering causing an almost bigger crowd outside, desperate to gain access to the tent.

When he came on stage he brought all his earned confidence, and got the crowd hyped with his two biggest hit so far 'pass out' and 'Frisky'.

The tent descended into a sweaty grime fest with the majority of the crowd jumping around and loving Tinie Tempah's ability to get the crowd involved. Many teenagers will have been bitterly disappointed to have missed out on seeing a great set from the new star of Grime Hip-Hop.

Review by Joe Smith

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