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18 Jul 2010

The Human League

The cultural re-birth of all things eighties has been in full flow for a few years and there are not many bands who quite capture the essence of that era better than The Human League can. A packed crowd gathered to watch the Headlines of Saturday night. Many Mums and Dads would have been in the crowd enjoying re-living their youth and educating a new generation, about the groups glamour, synthesizers, and pop sensibility. A few decades may have passed since they first entered the music scene, but Phillip Oakey's voice remains crystal clear and as unique as ever and the synthesizers carrying a air of nostalgia still manage to pulsate through the crowd.

There was very few people in the crowd that were not singing along to their biggest and most iconic song "Don’t you want me". Both the stage presence and the bands drive to provide entertainment was clear for all to see, bringing broad grins to many of faces in the crowded park.

The Human League proved that the even though the eighties have passed they are still the masters of synthesizer pop.

Review by Joe Smith

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