Recycling at GuilFest

As a conscientious event with a desire to do what's best, Guilfest is proud to reveal that Guilfest 2010 will continue to re-cycle its waste, more so than ever before, with the aid of Grundon's, the largest privately owned waste management group in the UK.

Grundon's Materials Recovery Facility enables them to sort waste materials for recycling. On the proven performance of this facility, Guilfest has chosen them to help us with the recovery and recycling of all the festival waste, ensuring that 2010 is more environmentally friendly than ever. We ask that visitors help us with this by placing their rubbish in the designated bins and waste areas so that it can be collected, sorted and ultimately re-cycled by Grundons.

For further information, please visit their website at Please don't drop your litter whilst at the festival - There will be plenty of bins so use them and help the environment and keep the festival cleaner for everyone's enjoyment in the process!!

Here are just some of the images from last year, pop along to our gallery to see more

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