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12 May 2010

Brand New For 2010! Ceroc Dancing at GuilFest!

Come and dance at GuilFest with Ceroc - the funky fusion of jive and salsa.

Surrey Ceroc will be running beginners classes throughout each day of the festival so you can come and try out the fastest growing partner dance in the UK. Just turn up at the Ceroc Dance Tent and join in a class - two left feet very welcome! You can do as many classes as you like, in fact, with different moves in each class, the more you do the better you get. Between the classes and through the evening into the early hours we will be 'freestyle' dancing. The DJ turns up the music and plays a selection of great tunes to dance to, and away you go with your new found skills.
Already dance Ceroc? - mix the fun of a festival with the dance you know and love. Drop in to freestyle, dance the night away until 1 am to your favourite tunes - or bring your nearest and dearest to try it for themselves.


Don't worry about bringing your dancing shoes - all you need is your trainers!

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