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Nintendo All Star dream team tour

20th June 2005. Nintendo is bringing together its biggest and brightest stars and coming to a town near you for the ‘Nintendo All Stars 05 Tour’. Travelling across the UK from 15 th July – 29th August and visiting seven family events and festivals, the Nintendo All Stars 05 Tour’ gives everyone the chance to get their hands on the latest games for Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo GameCube.

Gamers across the country will have the special chance to exclusively play the new Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on Nintendo GameCube for the first time anywhere in the UK . Also making their UK debut on the tour will be Nintendogs (Nintendo), New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo) and Mario Kart DS (Nintendo) on Nintendo DS. Pokemon Emerald, Wario Ware: Twisted! and Mario Party Advance will also be fully playable for the first time on Game Boy Advance.

The ‘Nintendo All Stars 05 Tour’ kicks off at Guilfest on 15 th July and moves onto the Royal Lancashire Agricultural Show (26-28 July), Sunderland Air Show (30-31 July), Nottingham Riverside Festival (05-07 August), Eastbourne Air Show (11-14 August), Northampton Balloon Festival (18-21 August) and rounds off with the Town and Country Festival, Warwickshire (27-29 August).

GAME will be joining Nintendo on the ‘Nintendo All Stars 05 Tour’ as the exclusive retail partner giving everyone the chance to pick up the latest and greatest Nintendo games from their onsite shop. In all stores across the UK , GAME will also be offering the chance to pick up the exclusive ‘Nintendo All Stars 05 GameCube Pak’, featuring a platinum Nintendo GameCube, hand controller, copy of Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Game and any chosen copy of any ‘Nintendo All Stars game .

In addition to this, selected retailers across the UK will also be offering anyone the chance to get any ‘Nintendo All Stars’ game free when they purchase one from the All Stars game line up.

Games playable on the tour include:

Nintendo GameCube:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  • Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness
  • Mario Strikers
  • Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
  • Mario Power Tennis
  • Mario Party 6
  • Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat
  • Donkey Konga 2
  • StarFox: Assault

Game Boy Advance:

  • Yoshi’s Universal Gravitation
  • Wario Ware: Twisted!
  • Mario Party Advance
  • Pokemon Emerald
  • Mario Tennis

Nintendo DS:

  • Nintendogs
  • Metroid Prime: Hunters
  • Super Mario 64DS
  • Pokemon Dash!
  • Yoshi Touch and Go
  • Mario Kart DS
  • New Super Mario Bros

As well as getting hands on the games, there’s a whole host of extra fun to be had for the whole family with a seven metre high Pikachu bouncy castle and Star Dash bungee run adding to the entertainment. Everyone can then quench their thirst with the new no added sugar milkshake from Crusha who will be providing refreshments on the tour.

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