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Artist: Draven
Genre: Rock
Performing: 5th July 2003 / Stage 3
Website Address:
Author: Stuart Dowling

I had heard good things of Draven and was looking forward to seeing the guys in action. It is nice to see bands work as hard as these 4 have and to see their hard work pay off - and at Guilfest it did pay off.
Standing to one side of the stage I overheard a couple of lovely ladies comment on the fact that 2 of the guys in the band look like brothers - I then overheard a third inform them that the two guitarists were infact twins...a thing guys generally don't notice unless they are looking at the opposite sex. It was then that I looked around and noticed.... hey, there are quite a few ladies here!

After congratulating myself for my powers of observation I suddently realised that there did indeed seem to be more girls watching Draven than guys, I was expecting a legion of young male teens springing about like devils possed (as they should) - With this I had to investigate and probe the minds of Draven, so I grabed my cameraman, sound guy and notes and headed off backstage.

Draven - well played, great show, have you enjoyed your day?
Its been rockin' - we've loved it
Its been really good this year

where are you guys playing after today?
we're playing Battle of The Bands
(band interupts)NO we're not we're playing the Eagle's Party in the Park in farnham

What is the strangest request you have ever had from a fan?
To sign an Umbrella while we were touring in The Phillapennes, and we thought, well, you can't use it which was pointless as the names would have run off in the rain.

How long were you over there for?
we were over there doing a 5 week tour doing TV and radio and stuff - which was really cool
(band interupts again)are you sure that is the weirdest thing we have had signed yeah, trust me that was weird enough

If you were on tour and your bus broke down, if you had to trade your favourite possesion to fix your tour bus what would that be?
The drummer
the drummer
yeah, yeah the drummer (everyone laughs)

Thats not fair, ?
well..... thats his job
(band laugh)

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