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Artist: Citadel
Genre: Rock
Performing: 18th July 2004 / The Andertons LiveClub Stage
Website Address: []

Sundsvall, Sweden in 1997: not many people were interested in playing metal-music, and of those that were, their music was less pure rock and more alternative or skimming along the technical extremes of the genre.

This presented a problem for Jonas Radehorn, who wanted to play metal and until then had been part of several bands playing music from a variety of genres.

When Jonas met Patrik Wernekrantz, drummer with local band Bad Experience, on a bus he found a similar soul. Patrik had heard Jonas sing and introduced himself. They started talking about music and personal influences and both seemed to share opinions about the music scene in their town. They also learned that they lived only two minutes from one another.

Time went by and Bad Experience called it a day. Jonas and Patrik agreed to start a new metal band, a band that would blend the blues influenced metal of the 70s with the melodic rock of the 80s and rawness of the 90s.

And so, in late December 1998 a band rose from the ashes of Jonas and Patrik's former band constellations, when Andreas Carlström joined them to play rhythm guitar. Starting as Purgatory, and playing together for about two years they then took a break for two years.

During that time some of the members played with other bands. Through this, they found bassist Nicklas Sundström and also lead guitarist Kenneth Johnsson. Lead guitarists had always come and gone during the two years of Purgatory.

The four decided to get together in September 2002 as Citadel. Unfortunately, Andreas quit the band to be replaced by Guildford based Nick Tubb.

The band is now complete and aiming at impressing the world

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